Products - Knit Rite

Knit Rite provides unisex therapeutic gradient hosiery AND socks in various sizes and lengths.

"Therafirm" hosiery come in knee high, thigh high and to the waist lengths.  

They offer an array of support gradient compressions: 


There is also Anti-Embolism hosiery in knee-high or thigh high stockings.  These are designed to help edema, leg discomfort, and deep vein thrombosis in individuals subjected to immobility.


Gradient compression "core-spun" socks can be worn by men or women.  They are everyday socks which are stretchy yet soft, easier to put on, more comfortable to wear, help prevent leg swelling and can be worn all day.


"TheraSock" is a brand created specifically for the diabetic foot.  These seamless diabetic socks eliminate irritating seams and the risks associated with them.  They effectively control moisture which can also help prevent blister-causing friction.