Orthotics & Custom Shoes

Long Island Comfort Shoes & Pedorthic Services is a fully accredited Pedorthic facility.

We offer a full service solution which includes casting molds for:

Orthotics (also called Orthoses) -

These are an important component of footwear.  They accommodate, support and/or relieve specific conditions, as well as improve the foot's function.  Below are just a few examples of custom orthotics.


In addition to designing and fabricating an appropriate orthotic, a C.Ped can offer you personalized attention in selecting, fitting and modifying shoes, so that you can wear your orthotic effectively.

Custom Molded Shoes (also called foot Orthoses) -                         

A C.Ped must take a cast of your feet for your custom molded shoes.  A positive mold of the foot can be made from a negative cast or computer generated, depending on the patient's needs and the prescriber's intent. 

Can a C.Ped Fill a Prescription - YES

Many people benefit from pedorthic devices or footwear modifications, which make your shoes or sneakers more comfortable.

Sometimes you might only need a shoe which has been properly fitted.  For situations such as these, you can see a C.Ped. without a footwear prescription. 


However, it is always adviseable to schedule an appointment with your C.Ped. for custom shoes. This will esure you are given the "time" and "attention" you deserve.


Examples of custom shoes: 


Examples of custom orthotics:


Examples of shoe modifications: